Let me support your health, wellbeing, and career development goals! I’m Rita Molnar, an Organisational and Business Psychologist and Workplace Health and Wellbeing Practitioner.

Rita, as an Organisational and Business Psychologist and Workplace Health and Wellbeing Practitioner, has been helping the development initiatives of individuals and organisations at different professional fields for more than two decades. Working as a consultant, trainer, coach, and mentor, she is committed to and has an extensive experience with problem diagnosis and solution development as well.

Rita supports her clients during the changes and contributes to achieve the goals defined together with different science and evidence-based methods. She has also been working as a Management, Leadership, and People & Culture Consultant and Talent Analytics and HR Intelligence Advisor since 2002 in various industrial environment in the Central and Eastern European region. Rita has consulted for owners and CEOs of large private organisations, SMEs, non-profit, voluntary organisations, local governments, and individual professionals as well. She has also supervised dissertation students and facilitated online learning on MSc Psychology programmes, given lectures at several universities in Europe, and volunteered as a Career Ambassador for Amcham Hungary, and served various committees of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (American Psychological Association) for more years. Her research interests and publications are in labour market entrants and their psychological contract development, talent management, organisational culture, leadership, and health & wellbeing.

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